Beijing Sunda Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a worldwide leading manufacturer of evacuated tube solar collectors. Sunda was jointly founded by the DASA and SUNPU in 1995, based on two parties' research in the solar thermal field for over 10 years. Although it has very proud history, Sunda has been working hard on manufacturing and R&D excellence ever since. Sunda is closely co-operating with the affiliated BSERI, enforcing our continuing effort to rather define the development and the utilization of solar thermal products than to follow others. Sunda has been among the pioneers in the solar thermal industry. Lots of certificates of international institutes are conjointly proofing the standard-bearing quality of our products.

 From April 7 to 12, 2017, Renewable Energy Training And Certificate (RETAC) Program jointly held by National Engineering Center for Renewable Energy (NECRE), Vela Solaris AG (Switzerland) and Zurich University of Applied Science (ZHAW) in Beijing SUNDA Office building.

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 From March 15 to 22, 2017 General Manager Ms. Li Wei visited SUNDA's distributors in Germany and participated in ISH 2017 held in Frankfurt.



New Product

Horizontal Heat Pipe Vacuum Tube
Solar Collector --- SEIDO8-16AD

SEIDO8 series horizontal heat pipe vacuum tube solar collector has application advantages of both heat pipe vacuum tube and direct flow vacuum, which can be installed in horizontal, easy to installation and maintenance and be integrated into building for best appearance.




Solar Air-Conditioning System

Beiyuan Solar Air-conditioning

Rushan Solar Air-conditioning

Solar hot water system



Solar domestic system




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