Sunda Solar Water Heaters

Domestic Hot Water Heater
Sunda has developed a water heater which combines SEIDO solar collector and storage tank into one product and is specially suitable to supply hot water for private households (Sanitary Domestic Hot Water- SDHW). Due to its environment-friendly technology, reliability and low price, the hot water heater is widely used throughout the world, especially in China, Italy, Greece, Spain and also Africa. We offer three types hot water heaters with our SUNDA brand name. They all have a long service life, provide hot water all year round, are easy to use and to maintain, have an aesthetic design, operate economically and create high customer value.

System Working Principle

Heat Pipe Hot Water Heater - Collector

The collector consists of SEIDO heat pipe vacuum tubes. The vacuum tubes are made of borosilicate glass with thickness of 2.5 mm and have an external diameter D=100 mm and a length L=2000 mm. The aluminium absorber inserted inside is selectively coated with Al-N-O having an absorption coefficient a>0.92 and an emission coefficient e<0.08. The air pressure inside the glass tubes is <0,001 Pa. The heat pipe's high efficiency in transferring heat even under low solar irradiation and during winter secures very fast response times. With the aluminium reflector integrated with plastic coated angle steel support frame, an aesthetical design with built-in safety, durability and an easy installation is achieved. The reflective surface is made of polished aluminium which prevents the characteristics of reflection to be degraded by dust and ageing.

Heat Pipe Hot Water Heater - Tank

1: Outside cover
2: Insulation: direct-injected polyurethane foam in 50mm thickness.
3: Drain hole
4: Cold water inlet
5:Against water mixing equipment6
6: SEIDO heat pipe vacuum tube
7: Copper thimble tube
8: Inner tank: enamel inner tank with high quality 2.0mm thickness steel
9: Warm water outlet
10: Electric heater boiler: water-electrical isolated heater.
11: Magnesium anode
12: Preparatory hole for TP valve
13: Airflow pipe
14: Overflow pipe
15: Side cover: EPDM

The side cover of the tank is made of EPDM with additive for resistance to ultraviolet irradiation and ageing. The tank cover is made of coloured aluminium creating a beautiful and elegant design. Inside, the thick alloy steel tank (1.5 mm) is treated with quartz enamel coating to secure corrosion resistance. Due to strength of tank material, the tank can bear working pressure up to 6 bar. While CO² welding technology is used during the fabrication of the tank, a patented sealing technology ensures there are no leakage problems during the operation of the water heater. The tank also includes a special, non-corroding protection tube between condenser and water with no decrease of heat transfer and a magnesium bar to protect the anode. Perfect insulation, rigidity and tightness is created by expanded polyurethane insulation which is injected in liquid form and expands after injection. Furthermore, the design of the tank ensures no mixing of hot and cold water.