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On this site you can find existing funding opportunities in the most important solar markets worldwide. Whether you are a company considering to list our products or you are considering to privately make an investment in solar energy for your own household. Sunda has the right people to talk to. In this section you can find governmental policies also covering your country. This can be an extremely valuable information if you are planning an investment in solar technology. Due to the sustainability and the environmental friendliness provided by such an investment, governments worldwide offer various forms of financial support. Existing funding policies and measures include tax benefits, capital grants, 3rd party financing or rebates. The cited laws are only summaries and abstracts. If you are looking for detailed information on a specific law, please follow the provided link to the corresponding website. On the right hand side you can also find links to the leading international organizations in the area of solar energy and technology. The corresponding websites provide additional information on solar energy technology and will help you to stay updated on the latest developments.

International Energy Agency

International Solar Energy Society

European Solar Thermal Industry Federation

Institution of Engineering and Technology


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