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Sunda is a manufacturer of heat pipe vacuum tubes and one of the largest suppliers in this area in the world. In 1996, Sunda opened a new manufacturing plant located in Sunhe, Hebei Province, near Beijing. The site of our highly modern production line includes a land area of 27,000 m² and a workshop area of 8,000 m². More than 60% of our products are sold overseas.


Sunda's production facility has a capacity of more than 500,000 tubes per year. This enables us to timely serve big customers and large projects all over the world. Due to proven good performance, high efficiency and competitive energy output of our tubes, they offer high customer value. They have successfully competed on markets worldwide for many years.


The application of Sunda collectors is manifold since they can be used in all kind of weather conditions up until -40°C. Hence they have been applied in a number of different areas. Their extrem high efficiency makes them applicable beyond the conventional use in domestic space and water heating. They have also successfully been applied in large projects in air-conditioning and domestic or industrial water heating.


Currently, Sunda is offering SEIDO tubes in four different models, each having its specific advantages. SEIDO1, SEIDO5 and SEIDO10 are heat pipe vacuum tubes, SEIDO2 vacuum tubes apply direct-flow. SEIDO tubes are supplying homes in over 20 countries with hot water. Their high efficiency and economical functioning is proven by various certificates and by many satisfied customers all over the world.

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