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Beijing Solar Energy Research Institute founded in 1979.

The history of Sunda dates back until 1979. In that year, Beijing Solar Energy Research Institute (BSERI) was established. It was the largest specialized, scientific research organization in China. The institute was later transformed into the Beijing Solar Energy Research Institute Co., Ltd. and has later been involved in the formation of the "National Engineering Research Center for Renewable Energy" and in the realization of the "Beijing Research & Development Center for Solar PV Technology". BSERI has had and still has an important impact on the formation and development of national and international solar energy industrialization. Since its foundation, the institute has been granted over one hundred patents in solar energy technologies.

Sunda emanated from a long tradition of co-operation between prestigious research institutes and organizations. Already in the early 1980's, the German consultancy Dornier supported the development of solar collector tubes in China. These efforts were initiated and financed by the development program of the United Nations De velopment & Program (UNDP). UNDP provided the financial funds for projects of such scope and also initiated the contact between BSERI and Dornier. Dornier accounted responsible for the exchange between the two companies which included training and financing. This initial exchange eventually resulted in the foundation of a common research effort. In 1986, SUNPU and the Daimler-Benz Aerospace, DASA, started to co-operatively develop evacuated tube collectors with metal absorber. This co-operation with the use of its products in high-tech areas such as space aviation shows that our products have always been at the cutting edge of high technology.

Start of production on 6th June, 1996

In December 1995, both partners commonly established "Beijing SUNDA Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd." to improve sales and marketing of the developed products. Since then, Sunda has been engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of evacuated tube solar collectors.

In 1997, SUNDA Germany subsidiary founded.

In 1996, Sunda opened a new set of expanded production equipment and in 1997 Sunda established an overseas subsidiary in Germany to better serve customers in Europe. Concurrently, a wide distribution network and a complete after sales service were set up to better meet customers' needs all over the world. Today, Sunda is active on all main solar markets around the world and the utilization of our products can be seen in various countries on all continents including Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, South America, and Africa.

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