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System planning

The accurate planning of a solar system is the requirement for achieving full satisfaction when the system is in use. In order to achieve this, the installed system has to be cost-efficient and must neither be too big nor too small. The system should additionally deliver an optimum in yield, comfort and reliability. Therefore the system consists of solar circuit and warm water circuit which are integrated in buffer tanks to achieve the performance goals. The most common application of SEIDO solar collectors is domestic water heating since hot water demand is high year-round. When planning to design a solar water heating system the following data has to be known:

  • The number of people and hot water consumption per person/year

  • The local solar irradiation and air temperature in months and hours of sunshine per year

  • The deviation from the north/south line to correct the orientation of the solar collector

  • The difference between the local latitude and the roof angle to correct the installation angle of the solar collector

  • All relevant technical data of the collctor like module efficiency curve

  • The local water average temperature and the demanded water temperature


Installation manual SEIDO 1/5-8/16


Installation manual SEIDO 1/5-8/16AS


Installation manual SEIDO 2


Installation manual SEIDO 10

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